led aluminum profles,aluminum with PC cover led profiles welcome our store,Thank you!
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Shenzhen Yade Lighting Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Add: Shishan Industrial Zone,Guangming New District,Shenzhen,China 
Fax   :86-0755-27098307
Email: yadeled@163.com

About Us

     Shenzhen Ofly Technology Co.,Limited was founded in 2008 year.Located in Shenzhen Gongdong China.As an experienced manufacture in LED products.We produce,design and spread for every people who loves life and environment.
     Our main products:led aluminum profile,architectural Lighting profiles,LED strip lighting and other ODM or OEM LED products.
     Our products are mainly used in homes, offices, shopping malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, KTV and other indoor and outdoor.
     We have a total of more than 50 employees, have more than 10 technical staff.We have the ability to ensure product quality and the delivery.If we can cooperate, you will enjoy the best service of all our employees.We are looking forward to.Thank you !     

              Ofly Technology make
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